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         Textil GmbH



                                               Mitteldorfgasse 1

                                               A-6850 DORNBIRN

                                               AUSTRIA - EUROPE 


                                               Phone:           +43 - 5572 - 20664 - 0

                                               Fax I:               +43 - 5572 - 20664 - 6

                                               Fax II:              +43 - 5572 - 20664 - 5

                                               Fax III              +43 - 5572 - 20664 - 4

                                               Email:             office@techintex.com

                                               web page:     www.techintex.com

                                               navigation:     http://mail.map24.com/obernosterer


Managing Director            Mr. Heimo Peter OBERNOSTERER

                                               Mr. Hardi BOHLE


Foundation                         The enterprise was founded in 1987.       

                                               (Foundation of first Generation: 1972)


Owners                                1987 – 1991 Heimo Peter OBERNOSTERER     25%

                                                                    Family OBERNOSTERER                  75%


                                               1991 – 2001 Heimo Peter OBERNOSTERER   100%


                                               since    2002 Heimo Peter OBERNOSTERER     50%

                                                                       Hardi BOHLE (Switzerland)             50%




Commercial register         The company is registered under:

                                               HRB 2759 - FBG A-6800  FELDKIRCH / AUSTRIA

                                               VAT N° ATU 36229602, DVR 0977519




Location                              TECH IN TEX® Textil GmbH is located in Dornbirn, the commercial centre of Western Austria near by the Lake of Constance a few miles from the borders of Switzerland, Germany and Liechtenstein.

                                               Dornbirn is the textile centre of Austria.



Sister-company                 a) OBI-TEX®  SPOL. S R.O. - CZ - BRNO

A Subsidiary-company was set up in BRNO, Czech

                                               Republic, in 1991. This company  "OBI-TEX̉" operates

                                               in the fields of textile-fabrics & TECH IN TEX̉.  


                                               b) TECH IN TEX®  CORPORATION - USA - MIAMI

                                               A Subsidiary-company was set in MIAMI, USA in 1999.

                                               This company „TECH IN TEX®“ operates in the fields of

                                               textile-fabrics & technical textiles (TECH IN TEX®).



Company size                    TECH IN TEX® Textil GmbH is  a SME (small and medium sized enterprise).

                                               There are about 20 full time employees in the group

                                               supported by other specialists in other companies.                              

                                               The company also operates with exclusive sales-agents

                                               in specified areas.  


                                               The enterprise is also concerned with the development

                                               of new products.



Registrations/Brands       TECH IN TEX̉ is a national & international registered brand.



Company affairs                TECH IN TEX® Textil GmbH is an established, innovative producer of textile surfaces, fabrics and commodities.


The company is specialised in knitting;  weaving; braiding & raschel products.


TECH IN TEX® Textil GmbH is a long term supplier to the textile manufacturing and garment industry and to the automotive industry.    


                                               The company, under the registered brand TECH IN TEX̉

develops and produces innovative materials in the form of textile surfaces, fabrics and tubes for technical use, which range from rigid and firm up to 3-dimensional ductility.



Markets                                Europe; North & South America;  Middle East; Asia; Africa

                                               Export rate: 98%



Quality standards             The company operates within the established quality

                                               ISO 9000's standards.

                                               The suppliers of the company also adhere to their strict




R & D - Research &          The company is continually developing new products and

Development                      technologies. In 1992 the Austrian Foundation for

                                               Research (FFF), awarded the company with the first

                                               prize for R & D in Austria.


                                               The company is an active participant in the  „BRITE -

                                               EURAM - PROJECT - PROPOSAL“ submitted to the

                                               European Commission.



TECH IN TEX̉                       are technical textiles (knitting; weaving; braiding and raschel) developed to customers' specifications,

                                             by the firm TECH IN TEX® Textil GmbH  (www.techintex.com)                           


̃  for reinforcements and insulations


n    for the automotive-; aerospace-; plastics-; ski- and sports-; shoe- orthopaedics-; building- and filter- industries


n    in glass-fibres (all glass types); carbon fibres; aramide; polyester;        polypropylene; polyamide; acryl; copper; stainless-steel; wire; other high-tech and natural fibres


n    in various widths; weights; tubular; webs or ready-made articles


n    for innovative solutions and also for 3-dimensional formable uses.

Technology-transfer        The company is also active in "technology transfer".

                                               There are two possibilities for the transfer of technology:


n    Technology-Transfer by licence.

n    Technology-Transfer by joint-venture.



Patents                                The company has different registrated kinds of



LES                                       Heimo Peter OBERNOSTERER is a member of the LESÔ

                                               (LICENSING EXECUTIVES SOCIETIES IN EUROPE)


EC                                         Heimo Peter OBERNOSTERER is active in the European

                                               Community  (Brussels) as an R & D Evaluator.


Fabrics                                Since 1972 OBERNOSTERER-STRICKSTOFFẺ  Gesellschaft mbH has been supplying fabrics to the

                                               ready-made clothing industry (new company name 2002)


n    of  women, men & children ready-made clothing and also for sportswear & lingerie.

n    in  raw fabrics (woven & knittings)

                                                           uni fabrics (woven & knittings)

                                                           printed fabrics (woven & knittings)

n    in  regular fabrics & stocks.


n   TECH IN TEX® Textil GmbH

                                                    is the General Exporter to East of Europe (CZ, SK, PL, LT, LV, SI, HR, H, RO, UA, BY, RUS, etc...) of the Company

                                                    E. BOSELLI®, Italy (since 1898) www.boselli.it   

                                                   Agent for the countries Austria & Switzerland.


High award in 1995          The TECH IN TEX® Textil GmbH was awarded the highest recognition for its quality, service and R & D, by the Austrian State Ministry of Commerce.             

                                               The company is authorised to bear the Austrian state coat of arms on all its products.



Indication                             For samples and the general trade conditions (AVL) please contact directly.